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Permit Structure
A separate permit shall be required by a person who intends to carry out any of the following works under section 50 of the WSIA and the Water Services Industry (Permit) Rules 2007.
a)An IPA Type A permit (water plumbers) for carrying out any construction, connection, modification or repairs to water pipes and water fittings which will convey water from public mains; or
b) An IPA Type B permit (sewerage plumbers) for carrying out any works necessary to connect a private connection pipe to a sewer or sewage treatment works; or
c) An IPA Type C permit (works contractors) for the construction, installation or modification to any part of a water supply system or sewerage system; or
d) An IPA Type D permit (O&M contractors) to carry out maintenance services for a water supply system or sewerage system but does not involve the operation of such system; or
e) An IPA Type E permit (desludging contractors) to undertake, provide or make available sewerage desludging services.
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