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Complaint of Foul Smell From Pond At Ketapang Road, Taman Rinting, Johor Bahru


1 February 2012
STP Jalan Ketapang, Taman Rinting, Johor Bahru


Activity Background and Current Problem

The problem had been identified based on the complaints of unpleasant smell by nearby residents. There was an overflow of sewage at a manhole in the treatment plant due to breakdown of 2 units of RSP pumps.

Besides that, the wiring system for the control panel had been vandalised.


Effect to Consumer/ Public

The above problem caused a nuisance to the surrounding residents due to the stench from overflowing untreated sewage. It disrupted the lives of the surrounding community for almost two months.


SPAN's  Action

Following a site visit, SPAN wrote a letter to the MBJB asking for the immediate corrective action for the problem.


Benefit to Consumer/ Public

The problem was solved by MBJB repairing the pumps and clearing the blockage.


Before and After Pictures
Figure 1.1 : Overflow of untreated sewage during visit on 1 November 2011 at the manhole which is located within the plant

Figure 1.2 : Overflow of untreated sewage from the manhole stopped (during visit on 1 February 2012)

Figure 2.1 : Wiring system in the control panel had been vandalised.

Figure 2.2: Wiring system at the control panel installed.



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