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Penerbitan Spesifikasi Teknikal Sistem Rawatan Kumbahan



Subject : Publication of Technical Specification for Sewage Treatment System, Part 1: Prefabricated Tanks – Packaged Plants (SPAN TS 1401:2010)

To all stakeholders,

National Water Services Commission (SPAN) has published a technical specification for sewerage product titled “Technical Specification Sewage Treatment System Part 1 : Prefabricated Tanks – Packaged Plants”. This document has been developed voluntarily by a Technical Working Group consist of various stakeholders whom are experts in their relevant field and appointed by SPAN.

Therefore, SPAN as the regulatory agency for water serivces industry will enforce the use of this do cument from 01 December 2010 as a formal reference for technical specifications of packaged plant comprising manufacturing, design of prefabricated tank, construction, installation and treatment performance and operation of the system. Existing SPAN’s registered suppliers are to comply with all the requirements for evaluation of conformity of the product based on this technical specifications within one (1) year. For a new application, the suppliers must submit all data and testing reports complying with this technical specifications.

For application of registration, all suppliers must use a new Template of Packaged Plant Specification and must follow the requirements as stipulated in Requirements for Registration - Packaged Plant as an addendum to the main checklist of supplier registration.

Thank you.


Technical Standards and Compliance Division

Sewerage Regulatory Department

National Water Services Commission


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