(2) Sewerage Works Submission

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1 According to these Rules, sewerage works approval is to be obtained from the Commission. Can I submit my application directly to SPAN?

A1 No. Sewerage works approval is to be obtained from the relevant Sewerage Certifying Agency (IWK or Maajari) appointed by SPAN.


Q2 Am I allowed to submit sewerage planning and sewerage design together?

A2 Submission of sewerage planning and sewerage design can be done at the same time for developments up to 150 PE.


Q3 Section 7 (b) mentions that for sewerage works, the applicant needs to obtain a written consent from the land owner. If the developer of the said project is the land owner, is the written consent applicable?

A3 A written consent is required by declaring in the WSIA/PDC/1 form.


Q4 After incorporating all comments issued by the Sewerage Certifying Agency (CA), I resubmitted my application for sewerage planning. However, I received additional (new) comments from CA on my amended drawings. Am I required to resubmit my application incorporating the new comments?

A4 You are required to resubmit your application incorporating the new comments. Any concerns can be addressed to SPAN website under item E-Complaint.


Q5 What are the required documents to be submitted during sewerage planning?

A5 The required documents to be submitted are as indicated in the Malaysian Sewerage Industry Guidelines Vol. II (2nd Edition - Amendment V1 July 2013).


Q6 When should the notice for commencement of works submitted?

A6 Notice for commencement of works is to be submitted within the validity period of the sewerage planning approval and 14 days before the commencement of construction.


Q7 What is meant by initial submission and first resubmission?

A7 An initial submission is the first submission made for sewerage works. The first resubmission is a resubmission made after receiving feedback from the Certifying Agency.


Q8 If an initial submission done by me does not meet the feedback given by the Sewerage Certifying Agency, will my second resubmission be considered as the first resubmission where I am not subjected to any fees?

J8 The second resubmission will be considered as a second submission where fees will be charged.