(5) Competent Person

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1 The application of planning, design, commencement of works, intermediate inspection and final inspection is to be submitted by a competent person. Who is categorized as a competent person?

A1 A competent person is a person who is registered by the relevant professional body. Please refer to Schedule 1 of the Rules.


Q2 I am a competent person. Am I required to register as a qualified person with SPAN before I can apply for sewerage works approval?

A2 No. When a sewerage system is to be handed over to the service licensee, only the person who handing over the system should be of a qualified person registered with SPAN.


Q3 Is it an offence if the sewerage works carried out is not submitted by a competent person under these Rules?

A3 Yes. Any developer who fails to comply with Section 4 commits an offence and shall on conviction be liable to a fine or an imprisonment.


Q4 If a project is developed by the Government (Federal or State), should a competent person endorse the required documentation or is it sufficient for the project engineer to endorse?

A4 All documentation is to be endorsed by a competent person registered with the relevant professional body.