Dato’ Ir. Dr. Hasnul Bin Mohamad Salleh

Commission Members

Dato’ Ir. Dr. Hasnul Bin Mohamad Salleh was appointed as a Commissioner on 1 October 2017.

Dato’ Ir. Dr. Hasnul holds Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Civil Engineering from Heriot-Watt University, United Kingdom, Masters of Science (MSc) in Civil Engineering from Strathclyde University, United Kingdom and Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering from University College Swansea, United Kingdom. He is a registered Professional Engineer (PE) with the Board of Engineers Malaysia and a member of The Institution of Engineers Malaysia (MIEM).

Dato’ Ir. Dr. Hasnul is a former Deputy Director General (Infra Sector) and Deputy Director General (Building Sector) of Public Works Department in the Ministry of Works Malaysia (KKR). He was also former Director General of Water Supply Department in the Ministry Of Energy, Green Technology and Water (KeTTHA). He had served the Government of Malaysia for 34 years with work experience in asset management (infra and building) and water management including design, project management, planning and supervision, price negotiation, Non-Revenue Water, and construction of raw water tunnels, large dams and laying of submarine pipelines. He also has experience in construction of airports, roads, buildings and bridges.