Publication of “Technical Specification for Instrumentation and Control, Part 1: Actuator”
(SPAN TS 1701:2015)


National Water Services Commission (SPAN) had developed a technical specification for control and instrumentation product for sewerage system titled “Technical Specification for Instrumentation and Control, Part 1: Actuator” (SPAN TS 1701:2015). SPAN TS 1701:2015 was developed by a Technical Working Group consists of experts nominated by various stakeholders from relevant field. This document had undergone public comments for a period of 1 month and subsequently approved by the Commission for publication and implementation.


SPAN TS 1701:2015 addresses the performance and operational requirements expected from actuator taking into consideration local conditions. SPAN TS 1701:2015 does not include specifications for the purpose of design and certification of actuator products.


SPAN TS 1701:2015 is the mandatory technical specification to be complied with for electric actuators which are to be supplied and used in all PUBLIC sewerage facilities (new and existing) commencing from 18th DECEMBER 2016. Private sewerage facilities using actuators are strongly encouraged to utilize SPAN TS 1701:2015 as well


Sewerage Regulatory Department
National Water Services Commission
December 2015.