Publication of Technical Specification for Sewage Treatment System for Packaged Plant (Revised Edition March 2013)

To all stakeholders,

National Water Services Commission (SPAN) has published a revised edition of Technical Specification for Sewage Treatment System for packaged plants product comprising two (2) parts as following:

a) “SPAN TS 1401:2010 (A1:2013) Part 1 : Prefabricated Tanks – Packaged Plants”

b) “SPAN TS 1402:2010 (A1:2013) Part 2 : Construction and Installation – Packaged Plants”

This document has been revised and undergone evaluation processes by a Technical Working Group consist of various stakeholders whom are experts in their relevant field and appointed by SPAN. This document had undergone second round of public comments and had been approved by the Commission for enforcement and publication.

Therefore, SPAN as the regulatory agency for water services industry will enforce the use of this document immediately as a formal reference for technical specifications of packaged plant comprising manufacturing, design of prefabricated tank, construction, installation and treatment performance and operation of the system.

Thank you.
Technical Standards and Compliance Division
Sewerage Regulatory Department
National Water Services Commission
April 2013.